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Grace Female Singapore 2017/05/15

Hi, I would like to ask about when the fireworks festival will be in nagano in 2017? Is there only one at lake suwa?   I’m thinking of a maybe 5-6 days in nagano area. Key interests are onsen, nature (flowers), snow monkeys and of course the fire works festival, wondering if you can help with a suggested itinerary please?    

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/05/15

Hi there,

Some of the biggest fireworks festivals in Nagano are the Lake Suwa Fireworks and the Nagano City Ebisuko Fireworks. The Lake Suwa Fireworks festival is held on August 15th of each year, and their experimental fireworks festival is held on September 2nd. The Nagano City Ebisuko Fireworks are held on November 23rd.

For the Lake Suwa Fireworks festival, I may recommend something like this:

  • Day 1
    Travel to Nagano City (Via Hokuriku Shinkansen)
    Visit Zenko-ji Temple
    Travel to Yamanouchi (via Nagano Dentetsu train)
    Stay the night in Shibu Onsen
  • Day 2
    Hike in Shigakogen
    Visit the Snow Monkeys
    Spend another night in Shibu Onsen
  • Day 3
    Travel to Obuse (Nagano Dentetsu train)
    Walk through Obuse’s open gardens, enjoy cafes/lunch
    (Optional: Visit Hokusai Museum or Ganshoin temple)
    Travel to Matsumoto (Nagano Dentetsu & Shinonoi line train)
    Visit Matsmoto Castle
    Stay in Matsumoto
  • Day 4
    Visit Kamikochi (via Kamikochi line train & bus)
    Rent a car and travel along the Venus Line*
    Travel to Suwa (by Shinonoi/Chuo Higashi line or car)
    Stay in Kamisuwa or Shimosuwa (Onsen areas)
  • Day 5
    Stroll around Lake Suwa
    Visit Shimosuwa and see the Akimiya and Harumiya shrines of Suwa Taisha, visit the Honjin inn, try Shimosuwa’s hot springs*
    Watch the Lake Suwa Fireworks festival
    Stay for another night
  • Day 6
    Return towards Tokyo/Nagoya, or continue on your journey to another prefecture
  • *See this article for more information on sightseeing around Lake Suwa and the Venus Line.

    I hope that helps answer your question, but let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Guest 2017/05/18



can i take use the Jrail pass for this the trip then? all the way from narita airport? how long does it take? 


where do you recommend to stay near lake suwa? and if i have one more day what would you recommend? Thanks so much for the help! this is very useful!! 

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/05/18

The JR Pass will cover the Hokuriku Shinkansen and the Jr Shinonoi/Chuo lines, but this itinerary includes several private railways and buses which don’t fall under the pass. Travel to Kamikochi (Kamikochi line train/bus) and travel to Obuse, Shigakogen, and the Snow Monkeys (Nagano Dentetsu train/bus) won’t be covered. It most likely won’t be economical to purchase the JR Pass for this trip.

If you had one more day, there are a number of things you could add to your itinerary. One option would be to spend another night in Matsumoto so that you could visit both Kamikochi and the Venus Line afterwards on your way to Suwa (you can easily spend a full day wandering around Kamikochi).

Or, you could take a day trip from Matsumoto to Narai and Tsumago, some of the beautiful post towns of the Nakasendo trail.

I hope that helps!


Guest 2017/05/19

Hi Blair,


sorry the link for Hike in Shigakogen links to kamikochi, its not the same right? how do i get to shigakogen?


Guest 2017/05/19

sorry another qn also is there places to experience soba making in nagano? 

and is the Issa no Sanpomichi path the one to the peace kanon?


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/05/22

Hi there,

Sorry about the bad link. I corrected it and you can see the Shigakogen page here. For access to Shigakogen, see our Shigakogen bus timetables.

Check this blog post for information about where to try soba-making.

And yes, the Issa no Sanpomichi leads to the peace kannon.


Guest 2017/06/26

Hi I want to get to miharashi farm from matsumoto. I heard there is a highway bus do you know what the timings are? Thanks! 

Guest 2017/06/26

sorry also are there lockers at obuse station for luggage

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