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Bill Male Thailand 2019/01/07

Hello, i‘m thinking about driving in early-March. It’s my first drive in Japan. Here are my routes!

1) from Lake Kawaguchi to Matsumoto

2)From Matsumoto to Shibu Onsen.

3) From Shibu Onsen to Karuizawa and back to Tokyo.

Is it possible to drive? Do they have any snow? Any suggest for driving?




Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/01/08

Hi Bill,

There is still snow in Nagano during March, but it doesn’t snow as frequently and the roads are generally clear. If you have snow tires and 4WD on your vehicle and drive cautiously, you should have no issues on the road.

There are no major road closures between your destinations either. I’ve included a few Google Maps links for your routes below. These routes have tolls which change depending on the class of car you use, so I’ve included prices for kei cars and regular vehicles in parentheses.

1. Kawaguchiko to Matsumoto (Kei: 2,470 yen, Reg.: 3,050 yen)

2. Matsumoto to Shibu Onsen (Kei: 1,810 yen, Reg.: 2,220 yen)

3. Shibu Onsen to Karuizawa (Kei: 2,160 yen, Reg.: 2,650 yen)

I hope that helps answer your question.


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