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Jarupich Female Thailand 2017/11/15

We will be driving fron Tokyo to Nagano on the 18th-20th Nov. Our plan is to visit Karuizawa, Zenkoji temple, Matsumoto Castle and may be visit place for fruit-picking. Does snow-tires equipped need for this period?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/11/15

Hi Jarupich,

Weather is unpredictable in late autumn/early winter, so I can’t say whether or not snow tires will be necessary. The highways and roads around Karuizawa, Zenkoji and Matsumoto Castle probably won’t have any snow in late November, but I would recommend getting snow tires just in case snow falls early.

Hope that helps.


Guest 2017/11/16

Thank you very much, Blair.

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