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Wilky Male Indonesia 2017/11/14

Me, my wife, and or 2 years old daughter will visit japan on 5-17 dec 2017. My itinerary will be like this : 5 dec : landed in haneda at 8am. We will activateJR pass to go to osaka until 8dec (booked already) 9 dec : go to Takayama in the morning , check in there and spend day trip to shirakawa go. Spend a night in takayama (booked already) 10 dec : go to hirayu onsen by bus, check in, spend a day trip to mountain hotaka ropeway. Spend a night in hirayu onsen. (Booked already) 11dec : go to snow monkey but after that we will straight back to tokyo (since it will be the last day of my 7days JR pass still active) 12-17 dec : tokyo The question is : is it possible that my 11 dec plan to be done? I know from hirayu onsen i have to take bus to Matsumoto, then take train to Nagano, then another train to Yudanaka station or by bus from Nagano to Snow Monkey Parking My another question is : which trip that will not cover by JR pass.   Thanks before. Really need suggestions from all.

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/11/14

Hi Wilky,

Your plan for the 11th may be possible, but you will spend the entire day traveling. Here is a breakdown of your trip for that day:

To the Snow Monkey Park

  • Hirayu to Matsumoto
    Nouhi Bus, 90 minutes
  • Matsumoto to Nagano
    JR Local or Express train, 50 to 80 minutes
  • Nagano to Snow Monkey Park (bus stop)
    Nagaden bus*, 45 minutes
  • Bus Stop to Snow Monkey Park
    Walk, 30 minutes

To Tokyo

  • Snow Monkey Park to Bus Stop
    Walk, 30 minutes
  • Snow Monkey Park (bus stop) to Nagano
    Nagaden bus*, 45 minutes
  • Nagano to Tokyo
    JR Hokuriku Shinkansen, 90 minutes

*Summer bus schedules will be updated to winter schedules shortly.

As you can see, the trip to the snow monkey park and then Tokyo will take almost 7 hours alone. If you are comfortable traveling for that long, then that’s alright. But since there will be many changeovers on your trip, it may be quite tiring.

Regarding the JR pass, it will cover the JR train lines between Matsumoto and Nagano as well as the JR Hokuriku Shinkansen from Nagano to Tokyo. It does not cover the Nouhi bus or Nagaden bus. You may be interested in the Snow Monkey Pass, which covers your travel from Nagano to the Snow Monkey Park and includes the entrance fee as well (overall, a 600 yen discount).

I hope that helps answer your question.


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