Bus Time Table to Norzawa Onsen Village

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coco Female Singapore 2018/04/06

Hi is below correct? bus from Iiyama station to Norzawa onsen village? How do I read this time table?


For Sat & Sun, is it under \\\”holiday\\\” column?

Can take any timing to Norzawa onsen village right? even it put Norzawa Grand Hotel?

I check google map it shows 5 min walk from Norzawa grand hotel to Norzawa onsen village … I assume all other hotel under “Norzawa onsen village”



Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/06

Hi Coco,

I think that timetable is only for one bus stop. Take a look at this timetable instead. Also, unless you are staying at the Nozawa Grand Hotel, I would recommend getting off at the Nozawa Onsen stop, which is located in the center of town.

Also, another bus runs to Nozawa called the Nozawa Onsen liner. You can see the timetable for it here.


Guest 2018/04/07

Hi Blair

Thanks for information. The above “this timetable” link error, please resend thanks!

Is there much to see in norzawa onsen area?

If time allow maybe just head norzawa onsen area walk around & dinner & head back nagano stay a nite


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/09

Sorry about the error with the link. It’s fixed now so you can see the Nagaden bus timetable.

Nozawa is a quaint hot spring town with plenty of character. You can probably walk around most of the village in an hour or two, and there are many cafes where you can enjoy a cup or coffee or tea with oyaki dumplings. If you like hot springs, I recommend taking a dip in several of the free baths in town (just make sure to bring your own towel and soap).

I hope that helps!


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