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Pongthep Roongrotekarnkha Male Thailand 2017/11/24

Hi, I plan to go to Snow Monkey in Mid-Dec 2017. I will arrive at Nagano station at night (probably around 8-9 pm). I plan to take the bus to snow monkeys in the next morning ( I have checked from the timetables, and plan to leave Nagano station at 9:00 am). The question is that \”do I have to book the bus ticket in advance?\”, If I must have the bus ticket before riding bus, where can I buy it? and Is the ticket office opened at 9 pm? Regards Pongthep Roongrotekarnkha

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/11/24

Hi there,

You do not need to buy tickets in advance to ride the Nagano Dentetsu local or express buses. However, there is a pass that you can buy from Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Station (in the basement of Nagano Station) that saves you some money if you travel to the Snow Monkey Park. You can see more information about the pass at this website.

I hope that answers your question.


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