April 19-20 & April 29-30 What are cherry blossom options?

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Marie Pham Female United States 2019/03/25


We will arrive Tokyo 4/18 and head to Kyoto on 4/20 and will return to Tokyo again on April 29-30.  It will be a day trip from Tokyo to Nagano Station.  We have JR pass and can take the first train out

What would be the best place to see cherry blossom?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/03/27

Hi Marie,

You can see our feature on spring sightseeing here, which includes details of cherry blossom spots around the prefecture. The following places should be in bloom during your visits:

April 19-20

  • Omachi Park (Omachi City)
  • Komoro Kaikoen (Komoro City)
  • Mt. Hikarujo (Azumino City)

April 29-30

  • Oide Koen (Hakuba Village)
  • Chikumagawa Teibo no Sakura (Obuse Town)

See the link above for access information and other details.

I hope that helps.


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