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Jun Female Other countries in Asia 2017/09/19

Hi I will be staying near Nagano Station for my coming trip in early December . Would appreciate if you advise on my itinerary for 2 adults.  Day 1 (afternoon): Zenkoji Temple and exploring Nagano Streets Day 2: Snow Monkey Park,  Matsumoto Castle and exploring Matsumoto city Day 3: Maybe Shiga Kogen or Hakuba ski area or Takayama Day 4: Return to Tokyo Does my itinerary seem do-able?  Which ski area is good for beginner?   Thank you very much! 

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/09/19

Hi Jun,

Your itinerary looks good to me!

Regarding ski resorts, good ones for beginners are Tsugaike and Iwatake in Hakuba, as well as the Ichinose area in Shigakogen. They are relatively wide-open with gentler slopes. If you choose to go to Shigakogen, I would recommend changing your plans slightly to spend the night of day 2 in Yamanouchi. If you choose Hakuba, spend the night in Hakuba or Matsumoto. Staying near the resorts will give you more time to enjoy skiing.

I hope that helps!


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