5 Days trip at Nagano Matsumoto-Nagano-Karuizawa

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chompoj Female Thailand 2017/05/24

Hi, I\’m planing my trip in Japan on this 28 Oct-10 Nov.The period that i stay at Nagano is 30 Oct to – 4 Nov.(28-29 Oct at Toyama)30 Oct Kurobe Alpine Route (from Toyama to Omachi,Nagano)31 OctKamikochi1 NovDay tour in Matsumoto town2 NovHappo-one (to see Happo pond)3 NovDay tour in Nagano city4 NovDay tour in Karuizawathen travel in Kyoto for 6 day before my flight back to Thailand*plan to stay at Matsumoto for all 6 nightFrom this schedule,should i need to buy JR Rail Pass or which pass is comfort for me? Is it ok to stay at Matsumoto everynight?can i see autumn time on my day in Alpine route ,Kamikochi or Happo-one?Many thanks for your advice.Thank you

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/05/24

Hi there,

Regarding the JR pass, your train fares will look something like this:

Shinano Omachi – Matsumoto (One-way): 670
Matsumoto – Kamikochi (Round-trip): 4,550
Matsumoto – Hakuba Station (Round-trip): 2,280
Matsumoto – Nagano City (Round-trip via Ltd. Exp.): 4,640
Matsumoto – Karuizawa (Round-trip via Ltd. Exp. and Shinkansen): 10,440

Travel to Kamikochi isn’t covered by JR passes, but the rest will be. It comes to a total of 18,030 Yen (excluding Kamikochi), meaning the 17,000 Yen JR East Nagano-Niigata Pass would be useful for you. Also, since you’ll be visiting the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, you may be interested in this discount ticket from JR.

Since you’ll be spending a while in Japan, you may also want to look at the nationwide JR pass as well.

As for autumn leaves, you should be able to see them in all of the areas you are visiting. It may be past peak at the top of Tateyama, but it will be perfect time to view them at the Kurobe Dam. Happo One should have autumn leaves still, as well as Kamikochi.

I think it’s fine to stay in Matsumoto for the whole of you trip. It’s conveniently located and you don’t have to pack up and move constantly. However, I always recommend staying in a hot spring area to enjoy the atmosphere and relaxation (for example, Yudanaka Shibu Onsen, Togura Kamiyamada, Nozawa Onsen, Utsukushigahara Onsen, etc.).

I hope that helps answer your question.


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