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Sharon Wong Female Malaysia 2019/08/26


I planned to have 3D2N in Nagano at end November 2019. The main purposes is to try onsen and visit the snow monkey. Kindly advise my simple itinerary as myself had osteoarthritis so cannot go for long walk. Thank you.

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/08/26

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your question.

The Snow Monkey Park is located at the end of a 30-minute walk through the woods from the nearest bus stop. While there is another parking lot closer to the park (about 15 minutes on foot), that lot is closed during winter and will most likely be closed when you visit. If a 30-minute walk is difficult for you, you may want to skip the Snow Monkey Park.

Places you can visit that don\’t require long walks include: Matsumoto Castle, Zenkoji Temple, Narai-juku, and Obuse (Hokusai Museum, Ganshoin Temple).

Your itinerary may look something like this:

Day 1
Arrive in Nagano
Take the Nagano-Shigakogen bus to the Snow Monkey Park Stop
30-minute walk
Visit the Snow Monkey Park
30-minute walk
Take the Shigakogen bus to Yudanaka Station
Stay in Yudanaka/Shibu-Onsen and enjoy hot springs

Day 2
Take the train to Obuse, then a 10-minute walk
Visit the Hokusai Museum
Have lunch in Obuse
10-minute walk, then take the train to Nagano Station
Take the gururingo bus to Zenkoji Daimon, then a 10-minute walk
Visit Zenkoji Temple
Stay in Nagano City or Togura Kamiyamada Onsen (hot spring area in Chikuma City)

Day 3
Take the train to Matsumoto City, then take the town sneaker to Matsumoto Castle
Visit Matsumoto Castle
Take the bus to Matsumoto Station
Option: take the train to Narai Station, visit Narai-juku

I hope that helps you in your trip planning. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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