3 couples would like to go From Kyoto to Nagano on the April, 2016 and then to the Snow Monk

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David Gulliford 2016/02/25

Could you help with Accommodation in a small village having a Ryokan near the park and also details of transport arrangements. the next day we wisk to go to Toyko by train. Also some idea of costs would be appreciated

Guest 2016/02/26

Hi David,This is Blair Guardia with the Nagano prefecture tourism department. The Snow Monkeys are next to the town of Yamanouchi, so I can recommend some places for you to stay in that area. I have also included some travel information for your trips to and from Nagano. You can use this website to find train times that suit your schedule.Popular hotels in the Yamanouchi area include Biyu no Yado, Senshinkan Matsuya, Yudanaka Seifuso (Japanese Only) and Uotoshi Ryokan. You can make reservations directly through their website or on Tripadvisor.To reach Yamanouchi, first take the Shinkansen out of Kyoto to Nagoya (34 min), then change to the Wide View Shinano line and take it all the way to Nagano station (174 min). From there, you can take the Nagano Dentetsu line to Yudanaka station (50 min). You can walk or take a taxi to your hotel in the Yamanouchi area. If you use free-seating on each train, the total one-way cost will be 11,310 yen per person.To return to Tokyo, take the Nagano Dentetsu back to Nagano station (50 min) and board the Tokyo-bound Shinkansen (100 min). It comes to about 8860 yen per person. If you have any other questions, don\’t hesitate to ask.

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