Shiga Heights Ski Resorts after 2 ft Big Snowfall Downtown

March 15th, 2014 by
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I went skiing in Shiga Heights Ski Resorts February 22. It was one week after big snowfall in Nagano, so the ski courses were covered with wonderful natural snow. We (five Japanese, one from America, and one from Britain) really enjoyed skiing and snowboarding in the best condition.

The big snowfall on Feb 8 and 15 are more than 2 ft even downtown in Matsumoto, which I have never experienced.

Many cars were like this.

Small streets were really beautiful.

Installation art? made by nature and light of a yard.

In the next day after the snowfall, beautiful blue sky and the Japan Alps were seen.

Ski season of this winter in many ski resorts in Nagano will be over in late March, but you can ski and snowboard until early May in some of the resorts in high altitude.

3 Responses to “Shiga Heights Ski Resorts after 2 ft Big Snowfall Downtown

  1. Does the huge snowfall means there will remain more snow until later than usual and hence the longer skiing season, I wonder?

  2. Umm.. Maybe, though snowfall between mountains, where snow falls almost everyday, and plain areas are different.
    For example, this year, Norikura ski resort in Matsumoto will open until April 4th, I remember it closed in March in some years of less snowfall.

  3. Umm, I see. today I read a newspaper article saying the germination of apricot trees is normal despite the seemingly slow spring due to the snow. I see that it’s not that simple, and the weather seems like catching up to normal!

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