Mount Jonen Hike and a View of Mount Fuji from the Peak

November 10th, 2010 by
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Mt. Jonen seen from Matsumoto

I climbed Mt. Jonen, 2857m (9373 ft), in the Japan Alps on October 11. It was just before the trail`s peak is covered by snow (usually snow falls before Oct 11, but this year snowfall was late because of global warming).
It is a 8-9 hour hike, so you can possibly go on a one-day hike from early morning if the condition is not bad.

Fall foliage

After walking up a long trail enjoying the beautiful fall foliage, suddenly the famous Mt. Yari, 3180 m (10433 ft), came in to my sight, at Jonen-Nokkoshi. It was an amazing experience.

Then I left my rucksack by the side of the Jonen Hut and climbed up to the summit of Mt. Jonen (a one and half hour tougher hike than expected).
It was a perfectly sunny day.
At the top, I could see most of the mountains of Japan Alps and Mt Fuji.

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji

See this blog in the website “Explore Azumino!” about the access to the trailhead to Mt. Jonen.

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