Hiking and Biking in Azumino

November 4th, 2009 by
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Old railroad track hiking course

Old railroad track hiking course

This October, I enjoyed hiking and biking in Azumino.
One sunny day, I walked along an old railroad track. It was discontinued 20 years ago. The rails were taken away and an unpaved flat, straight route remains. So, it’s a perfect walking route without any traffic. I enjoyed a 15 km hike through the beautiful and peaceful woods. There is a cool unused brick tunnel that was built 100 years ago. The course it getting popular among Japanese this year. I think it’s attractive also for foreign travelers since you can walk from JR Akashina Station.

Taking photos of a small shrine (dousojin) duing our bike tour

The other day, I rented a bike from a bike shop near Hotaka station with some foreigners and enjoyed biking along a really beautiful river near the wasabi farm.

Mt. Jonen Hike (June, 2009)

Mt. Jonen Hike (June, 2009)

In Azumino, you can hike to Mt. Jonen (2,857m), Mt. Chogatake (2,677m), and Mt. Tsubakuro (2,763m), which are peaks in the Northern Alpine range and also take a short day hike to Mt. Hikarujoyama, which is famous for “Cherry Blossom” Course.
Azumino is one of the most fascinating places for hiking and biking in Japan!

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