Great Snow Came to Ski Resorts in Nagano!

December 30th, 2009 by
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Norikura Highland Hot Spring Ski Resort (Dec 20th)

Norikura Highland Hot Spring Ski Resort (Dec 20th)

Global warming is even affecting Nagano. People working in ski resorts were sighing over little snow until mid-December and some ski areas’ openings were postponed.
But! Since Dec 16th, the temperature dropped to around -10 centigrade (at Sugadaira in eastern Nagano, -23.4 was recorded!) and great snow came.
In Hakuba, 74cm of snow fell in downtown. More than 1 meter of natural powder snow fell in mountain areas and many ski resorts fully opened.
Visit our Outdoor Activities page and enjoy the white season in Nagano!

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  1. Hi James
    We appreciate your offer, but I have to talk with an officer of Nagano Prefectural govenment.
    I will e-mail you.

  2. Andy,

    Thanks for your help. There are many small treasures in Nagano worth seeing that need to be advertised. I’m already working on an English guide to Ueda.

  3. Hi Womens ski jackets,
    Yes yes, the “Snow Monkey” in Jigokudani Onsen is famous for wild monkeys soaking in onsen only here in the world, though I haven’t watched the Baraka Movie.
    Also, skiing and hot springs is popular as great activities in winter in Nagano.
    Please refer to “Trip Planning” menus in our “Go! Nagano” website

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