Climbing a Volcano from Kamikochi

October 5th, 2009 by
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Morning at Kamikochi

Morning at Kamikochi

I climbed Mt. Yakedake on September 21st. Mt. Yakedake is an active volcano that you can see above Taisho-ike pond in Kamikochi. It took 4 hours to climb to the peak from Kamikochi, and 2.5 hours to go down to Nakanoyu Hot Springs. From Nakanoyu you can catch a bus. From the peak, it takes about 3 hours to return back to Kamikochi.

Mt. Yakedake is a popular mountain because it’s an active volcano in the Japan Alps, and it’s just a day-hike from Kamikochi. From the top of the mountain the view of the Japan Alps is fantastic. I saw vapor coming out around the peak and felt that the earth is really alive.

In Nagano, you can also climb the world famous active volcano Mt. Asama near Karuizawa.

View of Hotaka Mountains and Kamikochi from the top of Yakadake

View of Hotaka Mountains and Kamikochi from the top of Yakadake

3 Responses to “Climbing a Volcano from Kamikochi

  1. Andy,

    I just went to Kamikochi for the first time a couple of weeks ago after having avoided it for years. It was more beautiful than I expected. . .but, I was still turned off by the Louis Vuitton totin’ Tokyoites down near the bus center. All in all, worth the trip.



  2. Andy,

    Great report! Looks like you had good weather, too. I can’t wait to for our kids to get older so I can take them climbing in the Alps.

    I also wanted to comment on climbing Mt. Asama. It is often closed to climbing due to its volcanic activity. Check at for current conditions before climbing. We wouldn’t want anyone to get asphyxiated by volcanic gasses!

    Happy Climbing!


  3. Eric,
    Yeah, Kamikochi is too popular so crowded and noisy in the peak season. I recommend you to walk to further places like Tokusawa or mountains than center of Kamikochi (Taisho pond, Kappa bridge and Myojin pond).

    I climbed Mt. Asama last year and met a foreigners’ group there. We went to the crater. It was fantastic and they enjoyed it very much.

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