A wheelchair excursion to the Forest reserve at Togakushi

May 6th, 2009 by
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I told you in my last blog, I had a car accident and my leg broke.

Anyway, the week after I went back home, I decided to try the barrier free wooden path at the Forest reserve (shokubutsuen) of Togakushi. It’s a good chance isn’t it ?

So, sitting in my wheelchair, I “took a walk” of about one hour, breathe good air, looking at many birds in the beginning spring of Togakushi. It was nice and so refreshing for my spirit !

The test of the wooden path was also successful. Even though It is the first time for me, It was really easy to drive my wheelchair there. There were almost no up and down. I think that the people who designed this path did a very good job and I would highly recommend this excursion for disabled person or others.






Usually in May, the forest reserve is quite crowded during the week ends because of the “Mizu Basho”. Many people from all over Japan come to see these flowers. In English it’s called “stinky cabbage” which is a very poetic name ! In spite of this unattractive name, I feel myself loving Mizu Basho year by year. Maybe because they can grow only in   pure water and clean air environment.

If you choose a week day to go there, you will probably have a very peaceful walk, healing yourself in the amazing beautiful nature of Togakushi. So, enjoy it and don’t forget to let me know your impression and feelings !

Colored portions on the map are barrier free

Colored portions on the map are barrier free

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