Off-Piste Skiing Accidents on the Rise!

Many skiers and snowboarders have been victims of avalanches and crashes with trees, or gone missing while outside designated runs. We ask all skiers and snowboarders to pay attention to the following:

While in the Ski Resort

  • Ski resorts have some “No-Go” zones. Please abide by the rules, and do not ski or snowboard in prohibited areas.
  • Areas off the runs are not maintained for skiing, and have a very high risk of avalanches.
  • Please obey the directions of rangers/staff while skiing in a ski resort.

If You Ski Off-Piste

  • Make an itinerary and do not go alone.
  • Do not venture off-piste in bad weather or low visibility.
  • Check directions from time to time to avoid getting lost.
  • If you get lost, do not keep going downhill. Instead, return the way you came.
  • Take along all necessary equipment: beacon, shovel, emergency camping gear, etc.

Backcountry skiing can be an amazing experience but it is not to be taken lightly. Please consider traveling with a certified backcountry guide and be sure to do ample research in advance of your trip. Most of all, stay safe!

Click the image for a pdf version of the flyer.