Nagano Prefecture Hiking/Mountain Guides

Photographs from the mountain guide training seminars held last year.
Home to the three ranges of the Japanese Alps, Nagano Prefecture is referred to as the “Roof of Japan.” There are hundreds of mountain trails around the countryside, leading to some of Japan’s highest peaks and magnificent natural scenery. In addition, historical trails run throughout the prefecture.

There are so many trails, from light one-day treks to grueling three-day climbs, choosing the right one for you can be difficult. With a guide by your side, you can enjoy the mountains and wilderness safely and learn a lot more about Nagano’s history and nature along the way.

In order to provide international guests with more opportunities to explore Nagano’s outdoors, last year Nagano Prefecture held several training seminars to develop guides’ skills in escorting international guests safely and enjoyably through the Japanese Alps and nearby historical trails. We would like to introduce the guides who participated in these seminars below. You can contact them about hiking and sightseeing around Nagano Prefecture (and beyond)!

Nagano Prefecture’s Pamphlet for Mountain Climbers

Nagano Pref. Pamphlet for Mountain Climbers

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Participating Guides

Name Yuko Ajioka (味岡 優子)
TEL/Email 81-80-5095-6485/
  • JMGA Trekking Guide Stage 2
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor
Personal Statement I will support your safe trekking in Nagano, especially North Alps.
I promise to have a memorable and enjoyable trekking with the best hospitality. Various options such as yoga, delicious meals, comfortable accommodation are available.

Name Takako Iida (飯田 貴子)
TEL/Email 090-9431-3791/
  • JMGA Mountain Guide Stage 2 (four seasons)
  • OGA qualified Oze Mountain Guide
  • JAN Avalanche Operation Level 1
Personal Statement I have lived in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, have worked as a trekking guide, ski/snowboard instructor, scuba diving guide and kayaking guide. Also worked as a ski patrol in Nozawa Onsen, north of Nagano. Now I operate Free Walking Tour Nozawa Onsen?? and Nozawa Onsen Snowshoe Tour, tell story about Nozawa’s culture, history and famous Doso-jin fire festival.
My area is Hokushin to Shinetsu area, also have a lot of guiding experience in Oze National Park. I would love to show you what is Japan has got to offer!!
Arukula Tours Nozawa Onsen

Name Keita Ishii (石井 啓太)
TEL/Email 080-2649-4119/
  • JMGA Trekking Guide Stage 2
Personal Statement I’ve been trekking mountains overseas and in Japan. I will introduce attractive mountains unique IN Japan, not only Mt. Fuji. Let’s experience them deeply through mountain culture, geography and nature itself safely!
English/French/Arabic available

Name Yu Isogai (磯谷 優)
  • JMGA Trekking Guide Stage 2 (planned)
Personal Statement I’m based in Myoko for now as student studying mountaineering.
My most frequent area in Nagano is around Togakushi. Sharp knife ridges are both thrilling and exciting, and I would love to take you there.
I am originally bron in Osaka, and went to high school in New Zealand for 2 years and fell in love with kayaking, rock climbing, caving and hiking there.
When I got back home, I realized how wonderful the outdoors here are.
Therefore after several years of studying outdoor activities and mountaineering both in New Zealand and Japan. I hope to guide you in English or Japanese.
My major is mountain guiding!
Please contact me to explore the wonderful mountains of Central Japan.

Name Okada Susumu (岡田 晋)
  • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
Personal Statement Here, you got right guide in right place! Let’s take deep breath and feel fantastic nature of Nagano, as well as unique history and culture! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Name Naoki Kobayashi (小林 直樹)
TEL/Email 090-9968-0726/
  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA)
Personal Statement Area where I’m strong
Asama Area: Mt. Asama, Kurofu, Yunomaru, Sugadaira~Shigakogen Area: Mt. Azumaya, Nekodake, Akaishi, Shigayama etc.
Have a lot of knowledge about natural environment, history, politics and economy of these area.

Name Hitoshi Shibata (柴田 仁)
TEL/Email 050-3580-4899/
  • JMGA Trekking Guide Stage 1
  • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
  • Domestic Itinerary Management Supervisor
  • The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 1
  • WAFA-Wilderness Advanced First Aid, certified by WMA-Wilderness Medical Associates International
Personal Statement More than happy to help inbound tourists experience tours featuring “Let’s explore nature, culture & history of Nagano”. “Trekking to Kamikochi~Mt.Hotaka & Shinto, Matsumoto Castle”, “Mt.Yatsugatake & Jomon, Suwa Great Shrine” are just examples. My two first aid qualifications (Red Cross, Wilderness Medical Associate) represent my keen attention to health and safety of guests.

Name Shigeyuki Takei (武井 滋幸)
TEL/Email 090-9668-8244/
  • Nagano mountain guide
  • Kirigamine Interpreter
Personal Statement I live in Suwa. It is near Mt Yatsugatake. Mt Yatsu have beautiful moss forests. It is similar to Yakushima. If you want to see a forest all covered with moss. I will guide you and give you a great experience.

Name Kouhei Nishida (西田 幸平)
  • JMGA Trekking Guide Stage 2
  • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
  • Travel Service Management Officer
Personal Statement (Area of expertise)
North Nagano area (Northern Alps, North Shinano 5 peaks,etc)
(Personal comment)
Hi, want to explore the hidden gem of Japan?
I’m offering some beautiful hiking tour, ancient path’s walking tour, snow shoeing tour and cycling tour in north Nagano area.
In our tour, you can not only enjoy the amazing landscapes but also touch the local history, traditional culture and the lifestyle of local residents.
I can also arrange the special tour based on client’s demand.
Feel free to contact me about more details!

Name Maki Hasegawa (長谷川 真希)
  • JMGA Trekking Guide Stage 1
Personal Statement (Area of expertise)
Kamikochi is one of the most beautiful place in Japan. Let’s explore the Kamikochi together. Experience the spectacular views are waiting for you.

Name Mariko Hirai (平井 真理子)
Personal Statement Come and discover the beautiful mountainous scenery, historical sites and good local cuisine of Nagano with a national licensed guide speaking English and French.

Name Mamoru “Moto” Motojima (本島 護)
TEL/Email 090-8723-5645/
  • Japanese association of sports mountains upper grade instructor
  • A former Nagano mountain climbing guide
  • A member of former Nagano mountains rescue team
  • A former the Nagano mountains association chief director
  • A former National Athletic Meet mountains competition member of a standing committe・chief umpire
  • High school teaching certificate (Japanese, English, library)
  • A former Nagano snowshoeing association chairperson
  • Others, Martial arts instruction qualification
Personal Statement (Area of expertise)
Whole Japan Alps. Particularly The Northern Alps. Include mini-variation routes.
(Personal comment)
I aim at the mountain climbing as the part of sports and the scientific training throughout the life. The east Tibet untrodden mountain summiteer.