Tsuruya’s Original Kurogoma Butter

May 31st, 2009 by
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Our family love the Tsuruya’s Original “Kurogoma Butter” (Black Sesame Butter). It’s a private brand by Tsuruya, the largest super market in East Nagano (Toshin) area. There is a variety of butter and jams for bread available at Tsuruya, but we never buy other than this Kurogoma Butter. It’s actually not like butter with black sesame but rather like less soft spread, sesame paste with a bit of butter flavor. I believe that Kurogoma Butter is really healthy as the label says it contains calcium, iron and dietary fiber. However, every time I pick it up from the shelf, I think of any better name for the product, because something + butter sounds it contains a lot of butter.  Anyway, if you go to the super market,  you’ll find tons of the Kurogoma Butter bins. And Shirogoma Butter (white sesame) too! As far as I know, Tsuruya Karuizawa sells Kurogoma one more than Shirogoma one. One Kurogoma Butter bin with 210g costs less than 400yen.


Kurogoma Butter

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  1. Yes, I actualyy would hesitate to have too much of it because of the “butter”part. Exactly what percentage of butter the ingredient contains I wonder, although I love the taste of black sesame.It surely is nutritious!

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