Flower kids factory – omocha-ya-san

June 30th, 2009 by
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For parents who have small kids or babies, rainy season is kind of headache because they can’t take their children out to a park or even just outside home. In  Karuizawa, the Flower kids factory is one of the few recommended places where kids can help ” kill ” their time. The toy store or omocha-ya-san is in the Prince Shopping Plaza (New West building 37A) by the JR Karuizawa Station. When we moved to Nagano from Tokyo, I was wondering how people residing out of town spend a day when it’s raining. Maybe thier kids do get so bored staying in thier house because the size of their houses is usually bigger than those of Tokyo? Anyway, there is a  wonderful Thomas the Tank Engine railway at the toy store. It’s 200yen per round but a Thomas card is given too! It’s not only for boys. Every time I take my son there, I also see some girls riding the Thomas. Of course you adults can ride too. Free admission to the mini theme park!

Link to Flower Kids Factory http://www.princehotels.co.jp/shopping/karuizawa/shop/nw/nw37a.html (Japanese only)


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