June 12th, 2018
Enjoy Nagano’s Picturesque Mountain Scenery

Summer is on its way and the routes to Nagano’s highest peaks have revealed themselves after a long winter’s slumber. Hiking trails and Nagano’s many nature parks are now open for exploration!

Ropeways to the Sky

Nagano has over 80 ski resorts across the prefecture, some of which operate their lifts during summer. Take a ride into the sky and enjoy the views from incredible heights.

  • Ryuo Ropeway (SORA terrace)
    Ryuo Ski Park’s summer ropeway is known for its views of vast seas of clouds which can be seen from its stylish terrace. The nearby, newly renovated Sora Cafe offers coffee, sparkling beverages, and a variety of light snacks.
  • Ontake Ropeway
    See the Kiso Valley from the mountainside of Mt. Ontake, Japan’s second highest volcano and one of the country’s most sacred mountains. Shrines, stone monuments, and waterfalls are scattered around the mountain and the forests below.
  • Kita-Yatsugatake Ropeway
    Trek through the highlands of Yatsugatake while enjoying panoramic views of Japan’s three alp ranges.
  • Chuo Alps Ropeway
    Travel to Japan’s highest ropeway station (2,612m). The ampitheatre-like shape of Senjojiki Cirque

Highland Trekking

Nagano’s highlands are a perfect escape from the heat of summer. Enjoy cool breezes and beautiful views in Nagano’s mountainous regions.

  • Shigakogen
    A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with a variety of trekking and hiking trails. Enjoy panoramic views from Mt. Yokote or walk among highland marshes and ponds on the popular Onuma Ike route.
  • Tsugaike Nature Park
    Trek through Tsugaike’s highland marshes while enjoying the views of the snow-capped Hakuba mountains. Delicate alpine flowers bloom from mid-June through August.
  • Kamikochi
    Nagano’s representative highland resort area. The views of the Northern Japanese Alps from the Kappa Bridge are breath-taking. Trek through the woods along the Azusa River or hike up to one of the peaks around Kamikochi; the valley has something for everyone.
  • Happo Pond
    Atop Happo One’s ridgeline is a tranquil pond called Happo Ike. It has amazing views of Hakuba’s sanzan peaks, which reflect beautifully in its waters. The pond is just a 90-minute hike from the top of Happo One’s lifts.

If you’d like to see some of Nagano’s mountain activities from the perspective of our Go! Nagano ambassadors, check out the Mountains and Hiking section of our blog.