Information for the Visitors to Mt. Asama


At 3:30pm on Thursday, June 11, 2015, Japan Meteorological Agency raised the volcanic alert level of Mt. Asama from 1 (normal) to 2 (no entry to the crater zone).


They also announced that at 9:30am, Tuesday June 16, a very small amount of volcanic ash was observed 4km north of Mt. Asama, indicating small-scale eruptions.


To the Visitors to Mt. Asama/Saku areas

Due to the raised alert level, the entry to the 2km-radius of the crater is now prohibited. Part of trekking paths is also closed.


 There are no tourist facilities in the no-go zone, and all facilities for tourists in the area are open and operating normally, including all transportation systems.


We will continue to update the information about Mt. Asama on this website.


Please see the map below for the locations of Mt. Asama and the no-go zone.





The trekking paths in the 2km-radius circle (indicated in red) are currently closed.