【Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter】Autumn fun in Nagano


【Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter】Autumn fun in Nagano


Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter Vol. 1, 2015
August 18 , 2015
Issued by: International Tourism Promotion Office,
Nagano Prefecture


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Hello, everyone!
Thank you very much for reading the summer issue of our official email newsletter.
In today’s newsletter, please find Nagano’s delicious fall foods.

Walking on the historical Nakasendo way is very popular among visitors from overseas.
Post towns on Nakasendo, such as Narai and Tsumago, have been designated the Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings by the government, still preserving the ambiance of the past.
Also in the Kiso area where the Nakasendo way goes through, there are various tasty food prepared using special local products. Especially in the fall, you can enjoy blessings from the mountains you can eat only in the Kiso area.
Time-travel to the Edo Period in Japan, and enjoy fall gourmet food, thinking back on the travelers who trod on the same path in the past!

The fall season is for tasty food, sports and sightseeing. What are you going to enjoy in Nagano?
Please read today’s issue of our email newsletter, and enjoy Nagano under the fall skies~♪

■□ Special Features・・・〵・・・Taste of autumn will be here. Please enjoy!・・・〳・・・
     「Nagano’s original cuisine,
autumn fruit, apple and grape picking, season’s newly harvested soba noodles・・・・」

✣❤✣✣❤◆◇Food and Travel in Kiso◆◇❤✣✣❤✣
・・・・・Everlasting mountains and rivers in Kiso. Make a detour, and enjoy a sentimental and delicious journey.

 =*=Sweetfish・Char・Tanabira Trout=*=
Wild fish grown in the clear streams in Kiso taste pure and simple. Please enjoy them char-grilled with salt, or in the sweet stewed Kanroni style.
=*=Gohei Mochi Rice Cakes=*=
Gohei Mochi is one of the most famous foods in Kiso, made of rice skewered, grilled and coated with mixture of chestnuts, soy sauce, sugar, sesame, etc. Please enjoy the aroma of burned sauce.
=*=Soba Manju Buns=*=
In these buckwheat buns, flavorful buckwheat and sweet red beans are in wonderful harmony. Enjoy its simple taste that is not too sweet.
=*=Red Turnips=*=
These are turnips grown in Kiso, passed on to us long time ago at the foot of Mt. Ontake. They are bright red in color, and have tender flesh and a thick petiole.
=*=Local Sake in Kiso=*=
The Kiso area with fresh water and air is home to excellent sake breweries. Many of them are in Suhara, Kiso Fukushima and Yabuhara. Their original flavors have been attracting sake lovers from all over Japan.
Please see below for more information:
Kiso Town Tourism Association
   (English/Japanese/Korean/Simplified and Traditional Chinese)

✣❤✣✣❤◆◇ Shinshu Soba Noodles in the Fall ◆◇❤✣✣❤✣
・・・・・・Shinshu Soba is one of the most famous foods in Nagano. Please enjoy Nagano’s newly harvested soba noodles made from local flavorful buckwheat flower grown under a large temperature difference between day and night.
Location:Matsumoto Information Sheet
Location:Matsumoto Castle Soba Festival
Location:Yamanouchi Town Soba Festival (September 12-13)
Information Sheet
Location:Yamanouchi Town Sugakawa Soba Harvest Festival (October 24~25)
Information Sheet

✣❤✣✣❤◆◇Fruit Picking in the Fall◆◇❤✣✣❤✣
== Apples ==
★☆★Azumino Tourist Orchard★☆★  Late July~Late November
    ・・・・They speak Chinese! Peaches and blueberries are available in summer too.
        Over 30 varieties of apples and 15 varieties of peaches.
  http://www.azm.janis.or.jp/~azumino3/ (in Japanese)

Location:Yamanouchi Town Information Sheet (Mid-September~Mid-November)
Location:Shiozaki Farm (Iiyama City) Information Sheet
Location:Matsui Farm (Komoro City) Information Sheet

== Grapes == (Early August~Late October)
Location:Yamanouchi Town Information Sheet
Location:Shiozaki Farm (Iiyama City) Information Sheet
Location:Suzaka City Information Sheet

★☆★☆★Don’t Miss This Valuable Information!⁀⁀*⁀⁀**⁀⁀*⁀⁀*⁀⁀*⁀⁀**⁀⁀*⁀⁀*⁀⁀*⁀⁀**⁀⁀*⁀⁀*⁀⁀*⁀⁀*
【1】Tourist’s Application “Unique Nagano”

  ■”Unique Nagano” is an application for visitors to Nagano to search activities (soba making, river boat rides, sake brewery tours), accommodations, restaurants, etc. in Nagano. You can search shops and facilities by area, category, photo or current position!
  Please see below for more information:
  http://machiaruki.net/unique_nagano/ (English)
【2】Marugotera Bus Tours in the Hot Spring Village
   ■Fall Foliage Tour: October 16~23
   ■Apple Tour: October 24日~November 3
To Yamanouchi Town Information Sheet
【3】Fall Foliage in the Japanese Alps
■During the peak season, the entire mountains are covered with fabulous splendor of fall colors. The Azusagawa Ravine literally becomes fall brocade.
The vast highlands overlooking Mt. Norikura are covered with breathtaking beauty of autumn leaves.
Kamikochi’s larch woods glow in brilliant gold in the fall. The sky is high, the air is clear. The golden leaves look stunning against the clear distant autumn sky.
To Matsumoto Information Sheet
 ■In early October, mountain ash, Erman’s birch, maple, mizu nara oak and urushi lacquer trees in the Shiga Highlands start to turn. In mid-October, you can enjoy magnificent fall leaves resembling full-color Ukiyoe prints.
To Yamanouchi Town Information Sheet

+-…+-…++-…♪♪Today’s Tweet♪♪+-…++-…+-…++-…+-…♪♪+-…++-…+-…++-…+-…++♪♪+-…++
 My name is Megumi Moriyama. I have been in charge of the newsletters since April. I was born and grew up in China, where my father is from. It’s been already 30 years since I moved to Japan, where my mother is from. Are you wondering how old I am? (It’s a secret!) My mother is not from Nagano, but from Nagoya, Nagano’s neighbor. I have been there only once.
Guided by a strange destiny, I came to live in Nagano, and it’s been already 24 years. Nagano is full of rich nature and full of wonderful places. I would like to introduce all of them to you, but the space is limited! I have been in agony these days…
I will try to send you as much information as possible.
Please continue to get to know Nagano through my newsletter.
Next time, I will send you another newsletter with a winter issue (from November to March). Don’t miss it!

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