World-Class Speedskating at M-Wave

December 20th, 2012 by
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On December 8th and 9th, a World Cup Speed Skating competition was held at the M-Wave ice skate rink in Nagano City.  Athletes from around the world came to skate here at the rink that was built for the ’98 Winter Olympics.

World Cup Speed Skating at M-Wave

Our family always goes skating at M-Wave a couple times of year, and there are usually speed skating teams there practicing. But these pro skaters were in a class above what we’ve ever seen before. They were so fast it was practically impossible to photograph the skaters.

On one of M-Wave’s lower levels is the Nagano Olympics Exhibition Corner.  I had seen a bit of the exhibit before, but this was the first time to explore it in depth. And I was pleasantly surprised to see how deep the exhibit is, with plenty of interactive exhibits to get a feel of what the ’98 Winter Olympic experience was like.

Okay, quiz time: Which is lighter, a ski jumpers uniform or a speedskaters’?
And, just how heavy is the torch that the runners carry?
Our favorite exhibit was the bobsleigh that sits in front of a video screen showing actual footage from a run down the Spiral, the course used for the Olympics.  As the video shows the bobsleigh careening through the corners, you find your body naturally leaning into the curves.

If you go to M-Wave to see a competition, to go ice skating yourself, or to attend one of the many events held there, be sure to see the Olympics Exhibition Corner, too!

It’s such a privelege being in Nagano and being able to go ice skating in such a prestigious place!

M-Wave’s website has been recently updated, now with Chinese and Korean language, too.

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