Uotoshi-Miyasaka Family Archery amazing!!

December 12th, 2010 by
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It moved me..
That’s about all there is to say about Miyasaka-sensei’s introduction to Kyudo -Archery from generations ago.
Miyasaka-san told us more about the heart of Japan, than you could learn in 20years working here…
Usually it’s just one Miyaska0-san giving a talk which is something special,
today we were lucky enough to see a whole band come together,
first time for me & feel quite privileged. – Thank you
To watch it yourself visit Ryokan Uotoshi – Miyaska-san.

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to send a direct email to Miyasaka-sensei if that is possible. I met him in 2001 during a trip to Japan and I have something I want to send him.

    Would it be possible to send me his email address?

    Thanks very much,

    Tom Read

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