Togakushi Kodo Trail

June 14th, 2010 by
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There have already been several posts about Togakushi, and with good reason; the area is one of Nagano’s worst-kept secrets, and best-loved attractions. However, the flip side of its popularity has been a rash of cars at peak periods bringing traffic jams and pollution to this sacred site. Although allegations that the line of cars waiting for one famous Soba restaurant stretched all the way back to Zenkoji have been denied, it is clear that something must be done.

Step forward the Togakushi Tourism Association, who in 2007 devised an ingenious way of getting guests out of their automobiles and into the pristine mountain air: the Togakushi Kodo.  This  trail  follows an ancient pilgrim route that loops around 30 dedicated marker posts dotted around the Togakushi Highland area. Having first bought the book, follow the trail to the Okusha (central shrine) stopping off at each marker to fill in the rubbing as you go.


Buy the book for¥500 at tourist information windows in and around Togakushi. It makes a great souvenir and can also be hung on the wall to remind you that you still have another 29 marker posts to go. 28…27…26…  Reccommended for families and Junior Ninjas 🙂

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