Some Perfectly Free Wi-Fi Spots in Nagano Prefecture

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Now carrying a tablet PC such as an iPad and/or a smart phone has become a normal style of travelling abroad. But, 3G Internet connection abroad is expensive and there are few free Wi-Fi spots in Japan. Most Wi-Fi services need registration or mail certification through a screen in Japanese and/or fee.

Perfectly free Wi-Fi service without any registration nor fee is now available at Kurasshic-kan, a landmark of a popular stroll Nakamachi Street in Matsumoto. You can connect with Wi-Fi in a open public space, a cozy tea room, and a square in front of it, from 8:00 till 22:00 there.

Kurasshic-kan's public space (left) and a tea room (right)

Another free Wi-Fi spot in Matsumoto is a cheep cafe restaurant with a good view on the 10th floor of Toko City Hotel in front of the Matsumoto Station.

Hotaka Station

In and near the Tourist Information Center in front of the Hotaka Station which is a gateway to the Daio Wasabi Farm also offers perfectly free Wi-Fi service.

Harunire Terrace

Another perfectly free Wi-Fi spot I know is Hoshino Resort Area in western Karuizawa including ”Harunire Terrace” a fancy wooden deck street you can enjoy shopping, cuisine and stroll.

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  1. I have also recently discovered that visitors to Nagano can pick up a free wi-fi card from the vistors centre in Nagano Station. You are able to use Flets Spots for free for up to 14 days.

  2. Nic,
    Thank you for the useful info. I read Japanese document about it. The service is only for foreign travellers (so you need show your passport) and the wi-fi card can be picked up in Matsushiro TIC, too.

  3. We certainly take free wi-fi for granted in the UK – I guess when travelling abroad, this would be a good place to get online, rather than paying high fees at the hotel or for roaming data charges. Thanks for sharing.

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