Snowshoe hiking in Beautiful Norikura Kogen

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Recently I got to meet Tyler in beautiful Norikura Kogen to go for a snowshoe hike. You can read Tyler’s blog here and since he wrote about access and lots of other environmental details I will let you read about that in his post.

The day we went for our snowshoe hike was just after a few days of sunny warm weather and a bit of rain so it was not the best condition but still a fun way to spend the morning. My friends at Little Peaks guided us that day on a course that I always recommend to people looking for a nice half day hike. (Norikura Kanko Center >> Zengoro Falls >> Ushidome Pond.)

I hope you enjoy the photos and comments below.

Matsu from Little Peaks getting us setup at the trail head.

Hiking to Zengoro Falls from Norikura Kanko Center

Approaching one of the bridges leading to Zengoro Falls

There is a nice view from the observation point above Zengoro Falls.

Almost there

Tyler makes Zengoro Falls look small

Enjoying the view

Snowshoeing in Norikura Kogen

A view of Zengoro Falls from the trail

A view from Ushidome Pond of some pretty light hitting Mt. Norikura

This is from a different day after some heavy rain at Zengoro Falls.

I wanted to share this photo because it shoes how beautiful Zengoro Falls is when it's fully frozen. (Late Jan.)

When the falls freeze over some come out for ice climbing.


7 Responses to “Snowshoe hiking in Beautiful Norikura Kogen

  1. In the winter the hike is about 30min. Depending on the day and the amount of new snow you would need to have snowshoes and proper outerwear as well. Rentals are available locally if needed.

  2. Thanks for your reply, Seth. We’ll be there next wk. Heard there’s not much snowfall. Hope it will still be worth the trek.

  3. Good to hear from you. It has been cold here and we just got some snow last night. The ski resort will be opening tomorrow and we are looking forward to the start of the winter season.

  4. Hello we are planning to come on 22 or 23. Will it be possible to do snowshoeing? Can you give me address, phone number? Do we need to book? We are four people. Thanks so much. Corinne

  5. Hello there,
    Norikura Kogen has been getting snow for the last few days and the conditions are looking good for the next week.
    Please contact one of the local guides if you would like to participate in a tour or request snowshoe rentals. Because you are arriving soon, I would recommend calling them. Please see contact details below.

    There are 2 guiding companies in the area.
    NORTHSTAR Outdoor TEL: +81-263-93-1688 and
    Little TEL: +81-263-93-1243

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