Ski Resorts in Nagano after the Quakes

March 21st, 2011 by
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About the situation after earthquakes, tsunami, aftershocks, and radiation, see other bloggers’ previous articles and these special blog reports in the Matsumoto website.

I went to Hakuba Ski Resort with British, Korean, and Japanese friends two days after the 3.11 earthquake.
We planned it more than one month before. I considered whether we should cancel it, but I read all the courses and lifts in Hakuba 47 ski resorts would operate safely and a blog of one ryokan said “Many guests canceled. This year snow condition is good and I am very sad”. I thought if all people stayed home and just watched the disaster on TV, it would make the economy and tourist industry worse, so we decided to go.

The resort was less busy than a normal weekend, but many people including foreigners were enjoying skiing and snowboarding.

Most of the ski resorts in Nagano operate without problems and risks and the snow condition is good this season, however many events such as ski festivals have been cancelled, and some will close earlier than in normal years.

I hope the foreign media like CNN don’t exaggerate the situation about the destroyed reactor buildings, so people don`t panic and continue to visit Nagano if it is not risky. I want to report precise and scientifically correct information, which is very important.

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  1. Thank you for updating the situation of Hakuba ski resort area, and a great view photo.

    yes, I agree that , while praying for the people affected by the quake and doing whatever we can to help them, we should go on living our lives. And also keep appreciating the beauty of nature.

  2. Mariko-san,
    One ryokan owner I know is crying because 80% of the guests canceled in March and April and they cannot keep their living.
    I think farmers in eastern Japan are also really worring about influence by consumers and media which are too sensitive to the radiation.
    No more quakes, no more reactor problems, no more fake buzzwords!

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