“Shinshu Tourist Destinations ‘Kizuna’ Declaration” Report #1: Reception

October 24th, 2011 by
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Traditional drum performance by Sakae Village’s women was impressive.
Comedian group Kotetsu and SBC announcer are introducing steamed rice with ume or Japanese apricots made by Miyada Village. 

On Oct 23rd, the Reception for “Shinshu Tourist Destinations ‘Kizuna‘ (Bonds) Declaration” was held in Nozawa Onsen Arena in Nozawa Onsen Village ahead of the Declaration scheduled to be made on the following day.  The event was hosted by Nagano Prefectural Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry and joined by many concerned people and parties. 

The aim of the event was to strengthen “Kizuna“, which means bonds or ties, among the tourist destinations in Nagano (Shinshu) and to powerfully promote tourism and business again.  Japan, including Nagano, suffered from the earthquakes in March.  In the course of overcoming the great trial, we learned that “Kizuna“, or bonds among people to help each other, was the most important thing.  Thanks to “Kizuna“, Nagano is ready to welcome both domestic and international tourists.

During the events, various tourist attractions were introduced, including 19 traveling routes to enjoy local cuisine, tasting healthy recipes using local ingredients, tasting local beer, sake, shochu, and mineral water, and so on.  Furthermore, we enjoyed very good programs including traditional drum performance by Sakae Village’s women.

Now, please come to Nagano and experience its attractions yourself.  We sincerely welcome you!

Tasty “fried Nozawana cabbage and shinshu chicken” was prepared by women of Nagano Hokushin area. 
Traveling routes to enjoy local cuisine were displayed. Why not travel yourself?

Mineral water from Sakae Village.



Local beer, sake, shochu. Come and drink!



Nagano's lovely character "arukuma" also joined.

Special thanks to: Nagano Prefectural Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry.