Rain/snow(no way!) Again Tomorrow?!

April 26th, 2010 by
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resigned to ride on a tractor, pick up a saw and a clipper

resigned to ride on a tractor, pick up a saw and a clipper


Of course we enjoyed our non-farming season.

Of course we curse it when finally it comes to get started and work.

But if it is really impossible to get in the field until the end of April?

It worries me …..!

What will become of my lettuce seedlings which are waiting in the greenhouse to be planted?

Yet, the fields are still too muddy to be cultivated by a tractor .




The first swallow is visiting us below the eaves to inspect her/his potential home-site.

Spring has come at last.





cimg08891Well, it doesn’t help even if you lament.

My husband leisurely ( cannot help) starts pruning and clipping in the garden.



A neighboring lady brought me her handmade sunbonnet for this farming season.

I gave her my carrots from last Autumn which I had just unearthed from the storage inside the greenhouse.






Ok, if I cannot farm, maybe I will cut the carrots into thousands of strips to be sundried.

That way I can save time when I make miso soup every morning.

To tell you the truth,though, veggies are at their best when cooked from fresh!

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