Notice: JR Chuo Line Disrupted by Typhoon

July 14th, 2014 by
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A section of JR’s Chuo Line between Shiojiri/Matsumoto and Nagoya near the border between Nagano and Gifu prefectures got washed out by a landslide on 09-July caused by Typhoon Neoguri.  Specifically, the track between Nojiri (野尻) and Sakashita (坂下) stations got washed away, affecting train service to a total of 5 stations including Nagiso, gateway to the popular post town of Tsumago. 

JR Central Japan released a statement saying the JR Ltd. Express “Wide View Shinano” service will be suspended until further notice while the tracks are repaired.  Regular train service will be offered between Shiojiri and Sakashita on the Nagano side, and from Nojiri on to Nagoya on the Gifu side.  JR will operate busses between Sakashita and Nojiri, including Nagiso.

Car travel is unaffected as Route 19 (the major highway in the Kiso Valley) and all other major routes in Nagano Prefecture are open as normal.  For train travel between Matsumoto and/or Nagano City to Nagoya, going via Tokyo may be your fastest option (either using the Nagano Shinkansen from Nagano Station or JR Ltd. Express “Azusa” from Matsumoto).  Highway busses also are running.  As soon as Nagano Prefecture’s Tourism Dept. provides an update on the JR Chuo Line, I will revise this post. 

Current train / bus schedule at  Schedule is in Japanese.  Main stations as follows:

松本 Matsumoto

塩尻 Shiojiri

奈良井 Narai (Gateway to the post town of Narai-juku)

木曽福島 Kiso Fukushima

坂下 Sakashita

南木曽 Nagiso

野尻 Nojiri

中津川 Nakatsugawa (Gateway to Magome post town) *Change here for trains on to Nagoya.

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