Not so known Nagano – Bus access opens to Kuraigahara Hut on Mt. Norikura

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Every spring around this time the road up from Norikura Kogen (sorry it’s only in Japanese) to Mt. Norikura opens up with bus service to Kuraigahara Hut giving people access to one of the best spring backcountry areas in Japan and a chance to walk along a deep snow wall. Bus service will open to Tatamidaira by the beginning of June. You can find more info about the Alpico bus schedule here and also check out Kuraigahara’s homepage here (sorry it’s only in Japanese).

If you have any questions about Norikura Kogen please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer your questions.

The Alpico bus parked at the Norikura Kogen Tourist Center

Kuraigahara Hut 2350m

Someone enjoying the beautiful snow wall near Kuraigahara Hut

Alpico bus making it's way up the mountain through the deep snow wall.

A view from Kuraigahara Hut

Looking down at Norikura Kogen from just above Sanbondaki


4 Responses to “Not so known Nagano – Bus access opens to Kuraigahara Hut on Mt. Norikura

  1. What bus company will starts to go in May from Matsumoto to Mt. Norikura (to see snow wall) and Kamikochi? Any passes offered by this compsny to save travel cost?

  2. Hi Giam,

    Buses to Mt. Norikura and Kamikochi are run by the Alpico Group. Buses leave from Shinshimashima Station, which can be reached from Matsumoto Station via the Kamikochi line train. You can see a timetable for the Mt. Norikura line here (K-01 is Shinshimashima, N-40 is the snow wall stop; it operates from the end of April to the end of June), and for the Kamikochi line here (which operates from mid April to mid November).

    You can see discount bus passes on this page. The 2-Day or 4-Day Free Passport for Norikura, Kamikochi and Matsumoto may be useful for your trip.

    I hope that helps answer your question!


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