Nobeyama highland

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vast Nobeyama fields
vast Nobeyama fields


As a farmer in Kawakami village, a neighbor village to Nobeyama, it has been a hectic month struggling with the unprecedented heat.

Once the harvesting started in mid June, I had no time left whatsoever beside cropping lettuces or planting yet other ones.

I very much hoped to take pictures of us cropping lettuces or laboring in the fields,but in fact we have been amid so much of a turmoil that just bringing a camera  just hasn’t occurred to me.

Well, as busy as we are, I still had an errnad the other day to the neighboring Nobeyana region.

So I took my camera and researched some tips about the place.

Nobeyama railway station;JR Koumi Line

Nobeyama railway station;JR Koumi Line

JR railway  has its highest altitude point here in Nobeyama region.( 1345,67 m)
Nobeyama, combined with the neighboring Kawakami village, now boasts the top production of leafy veggies in Summer like luttuces and Chinese cabbages.
However, the history of its farming is relatively short. The place used to be a mere wilderness before the ww2.
It was only after the government encouraged people who had come back from abroad with the end of the war,especially from Manchuria ,to settle here to cultivate the barren land as pioneers that the place became somewhere people lived and labored.
We can imagine the hardships of the pioneers making the fields out from nothing; cutting down trees, digging out the roots as well as rocks all by manpower only with the help of cows and oxen and horses.
Yet , a few remaining  people that I know of ,who had been through these hardships are now so proud of their own labor and today’s success of agriculture that one cannot imagine their history to have been full of  hard labor.
If you would like to learn more about the pioneers and their history, there is a museum named,” Minamimaki Village Art & Folklore Museum” near the railway station. Open from April to November. The fee is 300yen for adults.
national highway Route 141 stretches through Nobeyama

national highway Route 141 stretches through Nobeyama

If you drive up to the place from the direction of Tokyo, it is a 2 and a bit more hours of drive from Tokyo.
You can buy fresh-out- from the fields veggies along the route 141.
Takizawa family ranch

Takizawa family ranch

There also is a family ranch ,Takizawa Bokujo along the route 141.
You can enter the site and pet some of the small animals for free.
You and your kids also can experience some activities from riding a horse , taking horse riding lessons, to milking a cow and making soft icecream out from the milk.
The fee for the activities vary from 700 yen or more.

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