No Radiation Detected in Foodstuffs Harvested in Nagano

October 2nd, 2011 by
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The great harvest season has come! Thank God. This year we are worried about radiation. Did the nuclear power plant accident by the 3.11 Quake effect Nagano, which is around 300km far from Fukushima?
Nagano Prefecture inspects foodstuffs (vegetables, fruits, grain(rice/wheat/barley/soba), meat(beef/deer), milk, river fish, tea, wasabi) harvested in Nagano and NO RADIATION (radio iodine nor radio cesium) WAS DETECTED after April 21.
Some of the inspection results (March-August) can be seen here in English.
This year, fruit (apples/grapes/pears) are sweat and tasty because of the hot summer.

Beautiful rice paddy just before harvest

Beautiful rice paddy just before harvest

5 Responses to “No Radiation Detected in Foodstuffs Harvested in Nagano

  1. Study these results in the “here” .pdf file above. Cesium was found in every open field spinach sample in march & april. And then in the hundreds of tests done, no one every thought to test spinach again? or were the results just put in the dumpster? but the apples & mikans are fine!

  2. Scott,
    What a smart analysis!
    I guess the reason is that the harvest season of spinach grown outdoors finished on the day Apirl 14 and also 54 Bq/kg is enough below the the provisional legal limit 500Bq/kg.
    I am asking it to the Prefectural Government.

  3. There is Nagano spinach in the supermarket, it is being grown. It should be tested along with the other items such as milk that are shown in other areas to have high cesium content.

  4. Scott,
    I told your concern to Nagano Prefectural Government officials and am still waiting for their responce. Government officials’ responses are usually so late.

  5. Scott,
    Finally I received a reply from Nagano Prefectural Government Agricultural Division.
    My guess that the harvest season of spinach grown outdoors finished mid-Apirl is correct.
    The current Nagano spinach sold in the supermarket is grown in greenhouses.

    The reason radiation is detected in spinach than other vegetables (such as cabbage) is spinach is easily to collect radioactive materials due to its shape (leaves are widely open to sky).
    Nagano prefecture has tested other such shaped vegetables (green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce) in summer, instead of spinach and no radiation has been detected.

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