New Walking and Hiking Guide for Karuizawa

November 2nd, 2013 by
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Aussie expat and fellow Go-Nagano ambassador has been at it again. He just published his 3rd book in his Hiking, Walking & Biking Nagano Guide — the Karuizawa edition. Joining the Chikuma City and Ueda City editions, Peter’s guide gives detailed information on lots of well-researched courses from walks around town to vigourous hikes in the nearby mountains.

New Guide Book for Karuizawa

Karuizawa is perhaps best known nowadays for its outlet shopping mall. But what drew people here originally is the beautiful natural scenery, such as graceful Shiraito-taki waterfall and awe-inspiring Mt. Asama volcano. Western missionaries from Tokyo started coming here to escape the heat of summer and Karuizawa gradually developed into a resort town here among the mountains of Nagano.

Peter’s 16 courses for Karuizawa and surrounds will help you explore the area’s natural wonders as well as take you through the history of the town’s origins. Many of the courses are well-suited for bicycling, and you’ll find many rental cycle shops in Karuizawa.

Get a copy of Peter’s Karuizawa Guide (now available in electronic form for downloading to your smartphone or tablet) and use it to gain a deeper understanding of this popular corner of Nagano Prefecture. And be sure to check out the Chikuma City and Ueda City guides as well!

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