New Hakuba – Matsumoto Express Bus Launch!

January 4th, 2016 by
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This winter, Hakuba from/to Matsumoto direct express bus service has newly operated.

The bus connects Happo/Goryu/Sanosaka ski resorts to Matsumoto by 1,500 or 1,800 yen (depending the day). It departs Matsumoto 7:00 and departs Hakuba 16:00 (two hours ride).

So, after enjoying ski/snowboard in world-renowned ski resort Hakuba, why don’t you ride the bus and eat supper, drink at bar/izakaya, stay in Matsumoto, and see another world-renowned spot, Matsumoto Castle?

Check out this website.

Now Hakuba has a “supper refugees” problem of a shortage of restaurants because a great many foreign skiers stay there. Stay in Matsumoto and go to Hakuba by bus might be one nice choice.

For the same reason, “Night shuttle bus Genki-go” for skiers to go to restaurants in Hakuba has started to cover Omachi and Otari, neighboring towns of Hakuba, since this year.

In Matsumoto, there are winter-limited shuttle buses between downtown Matsumoto and Mt. Norikura/Nomugi Pass ski resorts. You need reservation and the websites (Mt. Norikura / Nomugi Pass) are in Japanese, but they’re FREE! They depart Matsumoto 7:50/8:15 and depart Norikura/Nomugi 15:40/16:00 (only 1:40/1:15 ride).

Enjoy skiing/snowboading/snowshoeing/sleigh in the Japan Alps!

5 Responses to “New Hakuba – Matsumoto Express Bus Launch!

  1. Is this bus route really available? Matsumoto-hakuba…And also is it possible to run out of tickets on the 7am scheduled trip? Thank you.

  2. Hi Gre-san!
    Yes, it is available until March. I guess it won’t fully occupied so you can ride without reservation. You can reserve it by phone or Japanese Internet site. I recommend you to visit Matsumoto Bus Terminal beforehand.
    Good luck.

  3. Hi Andy

    for the free shuttle bus, how do i reserve? where do they depart from Matsumoto?
    thank you. will it operate in late december (i.e. 25th December 2016) thanks.

  4. Hi Nicholas,

    Andy is pretty busy so let me answer for you in his stead. Based on last season’s operating schedules, neither of the free shuttle buses (Matsumoto-Norikura Ski Resort and Matsumoto-Nomugi Ski Resort) will be running on Dec. 25th. The schedule for the Matsumoto-Hakuba bus (~1,500 to 1,800 yen) hasn’t been released yet so I’m not sure if that will be available either. Check Andy’s link to the bus schedule page again in the beginning of December.

    I hope that answers your question!


  5. Hi Nicholas,

    I heard the Matsumoto-Hakuba bus will be operated this year, too, but I am asking the person in charge of the bus in the bus company (Alpico) about it.
    Please wait for a while.

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