Nagano Prefecture now getting the most votes on General Election of “TDFK47″ in Trip Advisor

December 11th, 2013 by
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The tourist website Trip Advisor is now nominating 47 prefectures in Japan for “General Election” of “TDFK47″ and our Nagano Prefecture is now getting the most votes (the second is Hokkaido).

It is a parody of the “General Election” of AKB48, the top idol group in Japan. The photo of the spot that got the most votes will be used as “Center” in the Trip Advisor.

Matsumoto Castle and Japan Alps in winter

The Matsumoto Castle is selected as a representative spot of the prefecture because it has been the most popular sightseeing spot in Nagano Prefecture in the Trip Advisor site.

You can “vote” just by pushing “Like” button if you have your Facebook account. The election is until 23rd, Dec.

The webpage is in Japanese. Matsumoto Castle (松本城) of Nagano Pref (長野県) is located in the 10th row, the left column.

Please vote if you like Matsumoto Castle or Nagano Prefecture!

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