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A locker size for every bag

The Nagano train station has recently installed some large lockers so you can now store your skis and snowboard bags securely whilst you go and explore the city center before heading out to Hakuba or one of the many other ski resorts. The lockers are located on the upper concourse just opposite and left as you come out of the shinkansen (bullet train) ticket check. There are also some smaller lockers at the bottom of the stairs on the street level of the west (Zenkoji) exit. The largest ones cost 600 yen for the day.  6 x 100 yen coins.

Coin Locker Updates (April 2015 onward)

A map of Nagano station with the Coin Lockers areas highlighted in red. One is near the east exit and the other is located on the first floor near the Hotel Metropolitan.

Nagano Station's new layout with coin lockers highlighted red.

Nagano’s locker situation has changed since the station had its full face lift. You can now find coin lockers in two areas of the station, one on the second and another on the first floor. They’re all decorated with Nagano-inspired characters like Arukuma and anthropomorphic vegetables, so they’re hard to miss. Read below for more information!

East Exit Lockers

On the second floor near the Shinkansen ticket gate and Newsday convenience store.

Locker Type Price Number
Small 300 yen* 82
Medium 500 yen 52
Large 600 yen 23
Extra Large 800 yen 13
Ski/Snowboard 700 yen 7

*The price for small lockers will increase to 400 yen beginning April 1st, 2016.

Zenkoji Exit Lockers

On the first floor of Nagano station between it and the Hotel Metropolitan. Heading towards Zenkoji, take the escalator downstairs.

Locker Type Price Number
Small 300-500 yen 101
Large 600 yen 7
Extra Large 800 yen 7
Ski/Snowboard 700 yen 6

59 Responses to “Nagano Luggage Storage

  1. Hi Jake,

    There are plenty of lockers available at the station, so I don’t imagine they’ll all be taken during your visit. If there are no lockers left, it is possible to drop off your luggage at the Tourism Information Center next to Beck’s Coffee in the station. They can hold them for you for the day (some charges apply).


  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if we can store luggage for multiple days in a row?
    We’re heading to Hakuba to do a 2-day hike and we’d like to securely store our suitcase as we obviously don’t want to carry up the mountain!

  3. Hi Elsa,

    At Nagano Station and Matsumoto Station, coin lockers can be used for a maximum of three days. There are also coin lockers at Hakuba Station, and those you should be able to use for four consecutive days. I hope that answers your question.


  4. I’ll go to Yudanaka onsen on December, I wander that can I left my luggage overnight at Nagano train station? How much does it’s cost?

  5. It depends on the size of your luggage but probably around 1000 yen. You could consider takyubin courier service from hotel to hotel or airport if you don’t need your bag when you get back to the station. That way it should be at your destination when you arrive. That would be much easier and only a little more expensive. Probably under 2000 yen.

  6. Hi

    Leaving immediately for Nagano (4 days) after arrival at Haneda airport before returning to Tokyo.

    Any suggestion how I can store my extra bag in Tokyo? Don’t want to lug my extra baggage since I’m travelling from town to town in the 4 days.

    Many thanks in advance.

  7. Hi BH,

    You can store your bags at Haneda airport for up to two weeks or have your luggage sent to one of your hotels (in Tokyo?) so that you don’t have to carry it with you while you’re in Nagano. You can see more information on Haneda’s English website.

    I hope that helps!


  8. Hi 🙂

    We are looking for advice on transport of a yumi bag or storing it in Nagano station (for 7 days – 230 cm long, 20 cm wide).

    We have consulted Yamato, among other things. But they do not transport that long objects. It amazes me – in the country of yumis 🙂

    We need to have the bow bag transported from Tokyo to Yudanaka. We have previously travelled with the yumi bag in Shinkansen. But unfortunately we are unable this time, as we are hiking, where we cannot bring it. Alternatively, we must have the yumi stored in Nagano station for a week.

    I have my fingers crossed that a person in this group has a useful advice?

  9. Hi Felicia,

    Sagawa Shipping may be your best option. They ship long items up to 600cm in total dimensions (H+W+D) such as skis and snowboards. You can see their rates here.

    I don’t know much about bows, but I imagine they are quite fragile. I recommend packing the bow very carefully to minimize the risk of damage during transport.

    Hope that helps.


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