Nagano Fireflys

June 18th, 2010 by
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Things are heating up down in the valleys, and all that heat is starting to trigger mountain plants & insects into life…you might even say ‘orgasm’: It’s what makes the fruit grow so much bigger here than my New Zealand, Australia, the US & Canada or the UK.

An interesting insect that is being seen around the Snow Monkey’s now is ‘Hotaru’ fireflys.
If you decide to stay in Yamanouchi or different parts of Nagano, you might be lucky enough to see these…

Firefly's at Shibu-Onsen, Snow Monkey Village - Yudanaka,

Fire flys will be flying June to August, and a little later further up the mountains.

For more information contact Zeno at Ryokan Kokuya, Midori Takefushi at Suminoyu, Sho at the Infomation Center or me (only if food or drinks invloved^-^)

For a map click here

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