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March 26th, 2010 by
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We have big news today for foreigners who want to visit Matsumoto or who live in Matsumoto and Nagano prefecture.

Matsumoto Walking Guide Book

Matsumoto Walking Guide Book

The Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association has recently published the “Matsumoto Walking Guide” booklet in English and will start distributing it to people who need English guidance about Matsumoto city.

This colorful 32-page, A5 size guide has a lot of useful contents not only for foreign tourists, but also for local foreigners.

Matsumoto Walking Guide Book

Matsumoto Walking Guide Book

Let me introduce to you some of the guide’s features, which include information about:

1) Many famous sightseeing spots around the Matsumoto area, such as Matsumoto Castle, Kamikochi, Utsukushigahara Kogen, and Shirahone Onsen (Hot spring), with beautiful pictures.
2) Sightseeing spots in the Matsumoto downtown area, including Nakamachi street, Asama Onsen (Hot spring), and Fukashi Jinja (Shrine), also with beautiful pictures.
3) Many museums in Matsumoto.
4) Food, drink, and souvenir spots.
5) A list of bars and restaurants, hotels and traditional Ryokan (Japanese inns), and much more.

The guidebook also contains some useful travel information, such as how to find/read Japanese restaurant signs and about public transportation. It has a lot of local foreigners’ comments that give advice, too.

You can get the guidebook at the Tourist Information Center inside Matsumoto station and near Matsumoto castle. You can also find it at Narita airport and other spots where many foreigners visit.

I think that this is the best English Matsumoto guide published to date. We are sure that it will help your visit to Matsumoto and give you more chances to enjoy our wonderful city.

Matsumoto Tourism & Convention Association (English)

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  1. What a wonderful site! This blog really makes me miss Japan! I sometimes wonder what life would be like had I not returned to Canada! Great job, guys!

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