Matsumoto Bus Terminal & ‘Ario’ Department Store Renovated and Largest Bookstore Opened

January 7th, 2012 by
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New Entrance of the Bus Terminal

In front of Matsumoto Station, the former Espa Department Store containing the bus terminal was renovated and renamed as “Ario” in the late December.

The ticket counter in the bus terminal has been moved from the basement to the first floor, so you don’t have to go downstairs and upstairs before riding your bus any more. The bus terminal has been a little cleaner though it was a little dirty.

Building of Ario Department Store and Bus Terminal

On the sixth floor of Ario Department Store, a popular variety and stationery store Loft and a mini CD store of Tower Records also opened newly.

Basement of Maruzen Bookstore

Besides, in the southeast of the bus terminal, Maruzen Bookstore opened. It sells about one million books and also nice stationery, so it is one of the largest bookstores in Nagano Prefecture now. Good news for foreign residents and tourists is, it also sells several thousands of English books in the basement, including English comic books. You can get many Japanese comics on the 2nd floor.

I suppose they would be convenient especially if you have to wait for your bus or train.

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