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The Ina Eigo Guide Club (IEGC) or Ina (City) English Guide Club is a group of local men and women who provide volunteer guide services in English to visitors to Ina City and the neighboring areas.  The group is basically a self-study group that meets twice a month to discuss and “rediscover” local points of interest and how they would best be presented to foreign visitors.  With the help of a native English speaker employed by the prefecture, the members of the group are working hard to improve their English hoping that they will someday have a chance to introduce the shrines and temples, food and festivals, or other places of interest in the Ina-dani Valley. Some of the members are already very fluent and are ready to welcome you and be your guide.  Printed pamphlets and guide books are very useful and full of information.  But long after the pamphlet is filed away and the guidebook is put back on the shelf, what will remain fresh in your mind is the friendly, face to face interaction and the “personal touch” of the local volunteer guide.  Let me know if you are going to be in this area and would like someone to show you around.   I’m sure we an arrange something for you.

In April, IEGC and some of the assistant language teachers working throughout Nagano prefecture got together for 0-hanami at Takato Park.

iegc iegc-21

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  1. Hi
    I used to live in Ina and I think it is great that this group exists to show off Ina. I used to love the hanami at Takato. The people in the photos are a bit small but one looks like an old friend of mine named Cho San Her English was great so I wouldn’t be surprised if she belonged to such a group.
    Keep up the great work Gerardine

  2. Hi, Gerardine.
    I’m glad we stirred up some of your fond memories of the hanami at Takato. Less known than the cherry trees are the maple trees in Takato… the deep reds are beautiful during this time of year. We still have a few more days to enjoy them before the cold really sets in and the leaves fall to the ground. Hope you have a chance to visit this area again.

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