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March 21st, 2015 by
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waterfall along Nakasendo

watermill along the way no more in use

accommodation still in business

The temperature has become much warmer recently, and we ventured to go on a hike along an ancient Nakasendo lane.


Nakasendo Lane is now paralleled to the state route 19, and some parts of it are preserved as they were during the ancient times from the Samurai Period.

In the Edo Period, this lane was one of the main official routes which ran between Tokyo and Kyoto al the way for more than 600km.

All through the route, there used to be altogether 69 post station towns to cater for travelers.

A few of such stations still maintain their historical atmosphere and visited by hikers and tourists.

My husband and I parked our car at one of such post towns, Magome, and started hiking to the next post town, Tsumago.

It was a 8km route, but since we had to go up and down the mountain path, it took full 3 hours when we finally reached Tsumago post.

It was still too early to see any green leaves on the trees or flowers, but snow has almost gone on the way and the air was pleasant.


Once we arrived at Tsumago and took plenty of time to peek into the old shops, we took the bus back to where we parked the car.

The bus time table is very sparce, make sure you will be there on time! ( still, you can take a taxi the same way for 3,000yen)

The bus takes about 30minutes back to Magome and is 600yen.

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