Kamikochi’s Official “Mountain Opening” to be April 27th

April 20th, 2012 by
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Kamikochi, the gateway to the Japanese Alps, will hold its official “Mountain Opening” ceremony on Friday April 27th this year. The road to Kamikochi opened today, April 20th and busses have started making their regularly scheduled runs as of today. A few of the inns and facilities at Kamikochi have started to open but everything will be running in full gear as of the 27th. Still lots of snow in places, and the season of spring growth in the trees won’t be until later in May. But Kamikochi is starting to show signs of spring in the valley, and the snow-covered Alps are as majestic as ever.

Kamikochi Official Home Page

More pictures of the current (late April, 2012) conditions at Kamikochi

Kamikochi starting to come out of hibernation. Picture courtesy of my buddy Aoyagi-san of Kamikochi Onsen Hotel

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