Kamesei ryokan, Kamiyamada Onsen

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Kamesei Ryokan 100303_09330001
Kamesei ryokan                       open air bath made by Tyler and big wooden turtle


Last week I was passing  Kamiyamada Onsen and decided to take bath in Kamesei ryokan.

I had 2 reasons:
– it’s only one ryokan in Nagano which runs foreigner  (Tyler, born in Seattle) together
with his wife and her mother
– it’s only one ryokan in Nagano with open air bath made by foreigner (Tyler)

After soaking and special feeling in Tayler’s open air bath, relaxing on old massage chair I noticed interesting things and decided to stay over night.

Not just because warm hospitality of the staff, beautiful old Japanese building with many gardens, Onsen with great smell, beautiful room with new tatami mats, very foreigner welcoming  atmosphere, Seattle cookie in the room and very reasonable rates,
but also because I  like that Tayler:
– keep the old Japanese beauty of ryokan
– brings a bit of western “smell”
– try to promote local art in the ryokan
– does a LOT not just for Kamesei ryokan abut also Kamiyamada Onsen and whole Nagano  prefecture.

100303_09270001 local art in guest rooms                               Signs in front of Kamesei ryokan

“Kame” means “turtle” so you can find signs of turtle in many ways and many places around the ryokan

100303_09310001 100303_09360001

2 Responses to “Kamesei ryokan, Kamiyamada Onsen

  1. Zeno-san, I was surprised to see Kamesei on the Nagano Inbound Ambassador’s blog — thank you for your kind comments about our inn! I’m glad you enjoyed the little touches we have added to the ryokan. There is still so much more that needs to be done! But it is encouraging to have people like you appreciate our efforts. Thank you!

  2. Please forgive this somewhat off topic reply. I knew Tyler from grade and high school in Seattle and count myself lucky to have stumbled across this website. Oh the strange coincidences of the internet!

    My memories of him are only positive: a gentle, brilliant, approachable man with a stature matched by his friendly manor. I recall his love of the Japanese language and culture, and am happy to see how his life has been able to incorporate both.

    What a beautiful place it is you call home. If my family is ever lucky enough to visit the area I’d love to stop in, say hi, and remember old days filled with Atari, Tunnels of Doom, Crossbows and Catapults, backyard tennis ball magic missiles and (famously, a legend I still tell people about to this day) scratch built Transformers made out of Lego!

    Congratulations on and good luck with, Kamesei ryokan!

    Take care Tyler, my families’ best to you and yours.

    -Roderic Sisk

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