Jigokudani + Springtime = Baby Snow Monkeys

May 5th, 2009 by
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Newly-born snow monkey baby.  (Picture courtesy Katsuyama-san)

Newly-born snow monkey baby. (Picture courtesy Katsuyama-san)

One of our guests just came back from Jigokudani, the famous snow monkeys onsen. He gave me this picture of the newly born baby monkey. Every spring, the cute little monkeys give birth to even cuter little baby monkeys. If you are thinking of going to Jigokudani, now is perfect timing. The snow is gone, but you can see the babies that were just born this spring.

According to Hagiwara-san, the park manager, babies are usually born between mid-April to the end of June. So far this year, there are 6 newborns, with more expected soon as the “peak” approaches.

Hagiwara-san also advises their shop has some new DVD’s as well as T-shirts and other souvenirs. This is certainly an exciting time for the snow monkeys!

Jigokudani info here.

Click here for the Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park website.

Updated info on Hagiwara-san’s blog. In Japanese, but lots of descriptive pictures.

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