Illuminated Cherry Blossoms in Matsumoto

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Hikari no Kairou, Illuminated cherry blossom corridor, Matsumoto

Illuminated cherry blossom corridor around Matsumoto Castle

The cherry blossoms in Matsumoto have started blooming. Hooray!

Here is the schedule of cherry blossom-related events:

Illuminated cherry blossom corridor, Matsumoto Castle

Hikari no Kairou, Illuminated cherry blossom corridor, Matsumoto

◆ Hikari no Kairou
“Hikari no Kairou” means “Illuminated cherry blossom corridor”. We walked under the lit up cherry blossoms last spring together, and it was very romantic and beautiful. This spring, the project team lit up two areas around Matsumoto castle and displayed 26 hand-made paper shade lamps on Daimyocho-street.

If you have a chance to walk around Matsumoto castle and its surroundings, please take the time to feel a wonderful Japanese spring moment!

Event Details:
Date and Time:Tuesday, April 7th to Thursday, April 16th 
            6pm to 10pm
1) Illuminated cherry blossoms at Matsumoto castle
  Cherry blossoms on the north and east sides will be lit up.
2) Illuminated cherry blossoms along the Metoba river
  Cherry blossoms along the Metoba river between Metoba and Chitose bridges will be lit up.
3) Andon (hand-made paper shade lamp) gallery
  26 beautiful lamps will be displayed on Daimyocho-street between Matsumoto castle and Chitose bridge.

Illuminated Cherry Blossoms and Matsumoto Castle

Illuminated Cherry Blossoms and Matsumoto Castle

◆ Cherry Blossoms by Moonlight at Matsumoto Castle

Date and Time: Thursday, April 9th to Thursday, April 16th
5:30pm to 8:30pm

Event details are in our previous blog entry.

This is a blog for foreigners in Japan from all over the world, so here is some extra advice for our visitors.
1. Bring a shirt/jacket/sweatshirt since it is still cold at night in Matsumoto.
2. Taking nice pictures in the dark is hard. If you have a tripod, it will help you immensely!

*All beautiful pictures on this page are provided by Matsumoto Castle illuminated cherry blossom corridor project committee. Thank you very much.

3 Responses to “Illuminated Cherry Blossoms in Matsumoto

  1. Hi,

    Do you mind showing the location of the illuminated corridor on Google Map and what are the dates of illumination this year (2013)? I’m one of those tourist caught in the situation of the early sakura bloom in Tokyo and have to look for alternative places to see sakura.

  2. Hi Chan,

    Thank you for accessing Nagano ambassadors blog and found this article.
    Unfortunatelly, we don’t work as ambassadors for the blog anymore, howevere here is some info that I can give to you.

    1) Lacation
    I don’t know how to locate area on Google map, but if you serch “Matsumoto castle” you can find the castle in Matsumoto-city, Nagano pref. The corridor is East and North side of the catsle.

    2) The dates
    We can’t know the dates until the cherry blossoms in the castle open. The illuminated corridor is held from 2 days after the opening announcement (This means the catsle office announces that the cherry blossoms in the catsle open) to next 10 days.
    I have checked the weather report website and it says the expectation date to open is April 4th in Matsumoto.

    I hope there information help you. I hope you can find the good place to enjoy beautiful Japanese Sakura!

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