Iizuna Kogen Gets Its Convenience Store Back

May 21st, 2015 by
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Nagomi-ya Convenience Store in Iizuna Kogen

Visitors to the Daiza Hoshi Pond area of Iizuna Kogen might have noticed that the only convenience store in the area closed its doors last autumn. The family that owned the little Yamazaki store decided to retire and shut up the place, much to the surprise of residents and visitors.

Fortunately a new owner has since re-opened the store, this time as a combination convenience store, gift shop and lunch cafe. Named “Nagomi-ya,” the store offers a small but decent selection of food and drink, including alcohol. Some of the food sold is bakery items from local bakers and includes cinnamon rolls and bagels (a hard to find item all over Japan!). Other common items to be found in a convenience store are available here, including newspapers, snacks, ice cream, health and beauty goods, and some stationery.

In the back of the store is an area of tables and chairs for patrons wishing to sit down and have lunch.  The lunch menu offered changes from day to day, but it typically includes coffee and cakes, some light lunch dishes and other small fare.

Nagomi-ya is open daily from 7 am until 8 pm. The store is located across the street from Daiza Hoshi Pond, just after the Eneos Gas Station on the Togakushi Birdline.

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